You don’t have to feel overwhelmed, burnt out and doubtful during IVF.

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The key is to take care of yourself during your IVF journey.

You did everything right.

And thought you’d be a mom by now. 

When it didn’t work after months of trying, you went to the specialists and you’re still waiting.

You’ve watched friends who got married after you already share their pregnancy announcement, or even already have a baby. Yet, you’re still waiting.

While waiting to grow your family, you've experienced so much disappointment while focusing on all things IVF. You’ve felt like your life is out of your control. You’ve been so consumed by your infertility that you’ve forgotten who you are. You’re more doubtful than you are hopeful. And you are sick of crying all the time.

As someone who’s already been waiting a long time to have a baby, you can’t afford to put your life on hold anymore. Your life is happening now with or without a baby. Your time is precious, which is why this program gives you the exact steps you need so that you can go through IVF and live your life at the same time.

You can do this!

In More Than My Infertility, I teach you to...

Learn how to fill up your cup through habit tracking, journal exercises, and learning about your values and what brings you joy

Learn how to prepare for the emotional rollercoaster of IVF with advice, tips, and resources from myself and other IVF Warriors

Learn how to build up your belief in yourself, your body and in IVF through belief plans and confidence building mantras and exercises

When you do this, you…

  • Have the capacity to show up to your life, make plans, & be present
  • Bounce back quickly from any set back, bump or bad news
  • Feel capable, ready and certain to try again (if need be)
  • Stop the negative thought spirals and get back to focusing on thinking about the life you want
  • Advocate for yourself, create boundaries, become your own cheerleader
  • Find the old you again
  • Improve your relationships

And the result is that you go through this infertility journey supported, without regrets and ensure when you come out on the other side you’re met with a better version of yourself.

More Than My Infertility is the only program that is specifically designed to show you how to go through IVF without losing yourself along the way.

This program was created to help you through your IVF journey to baby, no matter your diagnosis, age, or the stage of IVF you’re in, such as:

  • First round of IVF or 7th
  • Miscarriage or Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
  • LGBTQ+
  • Secondary Infertility
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Single mother by choice
  • Donor conception
  • Paying out of pocket or 100% insurance coverage

My clients have seen success through our work together with all of these circumstances - and more.




Hi, I'm Kristin or Kiki.

I'm an IVF warrior, an IVF mom and an IVF coach.

I went through 3 rounds of IVF, with 3 different outcomes.

One that worked, one that didn’t work and one that ended up in a miscarriage.

Through my infertility journey I had all the fears of IVF not working and of things going wrong every step of the way- just like you.

I cried hormotional tears, skipped baby showers, put my life & my joy on hold, felt isolated, had strained friendships, felt like I was falling behind in life, like I had no control over life, was just going through the motions, became a shell of myself and was consumed by my infertility.

All because I didn’t have the tools I have now.

The tools I share with my clients so they can go through the process without putting their life on hold.

My clients learn to stop the negative thought spirals, the self criticism and the self doubt and instead become their own cheerleaders and have so much hope and belief in what’s to come.

I didn’t have that on my journey to my IVF miracle.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you. 

Everything you need to learn and know so you can feel better as you go through IVF, whether this is your first round or your fifth is in the More Than My Infertility Program.

"Because of coaching with Kristin I am back to being me while going through IVF. It's not one or the other."
- Sara
"The More Than My Infertility program is priceless. I know it's scary to spend money when you're already spending so much on IVF, but going through this program can save your marriage, it can save your job and it can save you other relationships that are important to you. To me, that's priceless."
- Brandi
“If you're looking for someone to connect with but feeling overwhelmed with where to start, Kristin is the one to help. Her community is filled with such amazing women and resources."
- Alyssa

The path you will take to become more than your infertility...

When you join More Than My Infertility, you'll create habits that fill up your cup because it’s hard enough to go through IVF, let alone do it when your cup is empty.

In More Than My Infertility, you learn to speak kindly to yourself and become your own cheerleader. Which means you lean less on your partner, friends and family members who just don’t get it.

You learn to stop the spiraling of fearful thoughts and instead spend more time focusing on what you want. 

You prepare for the hard days, and have a plan to lean on so you can get back to yourself and try again faster each time. 

You build up the belief that IVF can work, even for you, even after all you’ve been through already.

And you show up to every appointment, do every shot, and handle every “when will you have a baby” question with purpose and confidence.

Join More Than My Infertility


Sign up by November 26 to receive two 60 minute private coaching call with Kristin.

(A $600 value)


What you get when you join More Than My Infertility:

When you join you get immediate and lifetime access to all program components, plus access to all future updates. This means that the content, support, and coaching in More Than My Infertility is here for you as long as you need it. 

Decide to take a break between cycles? No worries, we’ll be here when you’re ready to try again.

Have success and decide to try again for a sibling? Amazing, we’ll be here when you’re ready to try again.

You get the support you need no matter which stage you’re in.


You will learn the simple More Than My Infertility process for filling up your cup, preparing for the rollercoaster and building up your confidence. These tools allow you to stop the overwhelm, prevent the burnout and take care of yourself no matter what’s going on in your IVF journey.

The course alone is designed to help you show up to all the steps of IVF as the best version of yourself, while juggling everything else in your life.


Once a week, you will join Kristin and the rest of the MTMI group for live coaching over zoom to get help applying what you’ve learned in the program and overcome any obstacle in your path. This is a safe space to share what’s going on with you in your IVF journey.

You are also welcome to watch and learn from the coaching that other IVF Warriors receive on the call. 

Coaching calls take place at 12:30PM EST every Tuesday

All the past coaching calls from More Than My Infertility are available for you to listen to on our private podcast.

"It's hard to explain to anyone else how much goes into infertility. I'm so glad I can talk with you about it."
"Kristin gave me such hope in a really trying time as I navigated secondary infertility. She showed me how to release the hold that my infertility had on me. I believe everything happens for a reason and I truly believe I was meant to meet Kristin during my season of infertility. My husband and I are newly expecting and my belief is stronger than ever thanks to her guidance and coaching."
“When I felt like all control over my life and happiness was being taken away, Kristin helped me feel empowered, reminded me that I could and would get through it. And even more so that I'd be a better me for it."

Module Overview 

Fill Up Your Cup

Whether you've been at this trying to conceive stage for 6 months or 6 years it has taken a toll on your well being. We start by filling up your cup - with proven activities that will make you feel better and more like yourself. So that you heal from or prevent burnout. When you do that, you can show up to all the steps and stages of the IVF journey with energy and purpose. These are simple things, but simple doesn't always mean easy to implement which is why you'll do it with others in the program.

Plan for the Rollercoaster

The starting and the stopping, the waiting, the hurry up and wait, the good news, the bad news, the uncertainty, and the really bad news when it doesn't work. The rollercoaster ride is real during IVF and inevitable. When you're preapred for it you know what to expect, you know what to do when it's a tough time or a waiting moment and you can bounce back from the really bad moments faster. 

Build your Confidence

The amount of disappointment and failures it's taken to get to the IVF stage can take a toll on your confidence. I created the Belief Plan after seeing so many women have more doubts than hope. Implementing the Belief Plan is as simple as following the steps and sticking with it. You can use the Belief Plan for anything - certainly for your IVF journey - and anything else in your life. You'll learn foundational strategies and information about how your brain works so that you can also stop the negative thought spirals. 

What happens when you join?

When you join More Than My Infertility, you get immediate access to everything: the course, the worksheets, our weekly coaching schedule, the private podcast and all bonuses.

You can get started right away.

Whether you consume the content in one weekend, or do one a week - you will feel better. The biggest impact on your quality of life will come from the simple shifts you implement - not from how much you consume.

The process you will learn is exactly what you need to stop the negative thought spirals, stop the overwhelm and focus on what you want.

Plus, you get all the tools and support you need to follow through and make it happen more often and easily. We’ve thought of everything for you and we are here waiting to support you.

Lifetime Membership Fee: $2,000


Results you can expect when you apply the MORE THAN MY INFERTILITY process:

  • You will stop thinking it’s too late
  • You will stop putting your life (and joy) on hold
  • You will stop letting triggers ruin your day
  • You will stop blaming yourself, your choices, your body for being in this position
  • You will stop avoiding social gatherings
  • You will stop ending every convo with your partner in tears
  • You will stop feeling isolated through this experience

By stopping all those you’ll be adding this to your life:

  • You will say yes to baby showers and wedding invites
  • You will believe it’s just a matter of time before you become a mom
  • You will have time for hobbies and interests
  • You will give your best at work again
  • You will show up as the daughter, sister, wife you know you can be
  • You will know your feelings are valid, and welcome
  • You will get the support you need when you need it
  • You will believe your life is happening right on time

And so much more... 

You can start believing and feeling better no matter what stage of IVF you're in! 

With proven strategies and support from the More Than My Infertility program it means you’ll have the coping skills to limit the overwhelm, the stress and the negative thought spirals. You’ll replace it with confidence, hope, compassion and life skills you can use in any other challenging life experience.


Filling Up Your Cup:

You've tried so much to feel better. From accupuncture, to massages, shopping and fun trips. To even lower your expectations and telling yourself that you'll be fine if you're an old mom, or only have 1 kid now.
And yet you don't feel better.
It's because you're trying to fill a void with temporary fixes. Things that make you feel good temporarily.

But that ends here when you start with the filling up your cup module. With tried and true and research backed activities that will actually make you feel better because we get to the core and start with healing you from the inside. 

Yes, buying new leggings or planning a trip makes you feel better for 10 minutes.

The More Than Your Infertility Program helps you feel better forever. No matter the situation.

When you truly feel better you can then:

cohost the baby shower

stay on the tough projects at work

handle the not so good news better

stop dreading social events

make choices that feel good to you

advocate for yourself with your clinic/doctor or family/friends or at work

✨celebrate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries

Building Up Your Belief 

After all you’ve been through it might feel hard to believe.

It might feel hard to have hope.

You might want to be cautiously optimistic.

But if you WANT to believe that it’s just a matter of time…

If you WANT to have hope that you will have your turn…

Then you could benefit from the belief plan that’s inside the More Than My Infertility Program

The belief plan is a step by step process that, when paired with filling up your cup, & planning for the hard days, helps you believe in your dreams being possible.

My clients have used it to believe:

✨they are strong enough to try again

✨they did not cause their miscarriage

✨they are 1 step closer to their baby

✨they are in the best care at the best IVF clinic

✨they will have their turn as the center of attention at the baby shower

✨they have an awesome life already and a baby is extra

✨they are loved right now

✨their life is happening right on time

✨that their body can create and grow a healthy baby

Can you imagine how different your day might be if you believed those things?

It’s possible for you and I can help you get there.

Ready to make these changes? Then I invite you to join More Than My Infertility.

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"Working with Kristin was the life jacket I needed when I was drowning in IVF."
"I’m so proud of myself for not giving up on me or on IVF. Kristin helped me do that."
“I always leave my calls with Kristin feeling encouraged, validated and supported. It's an AWESOME feeling."

How do you know this is right for you?

More Than My Infertility is the perfect fit for you if:

  • You are overwhelmed by the stress you experience while you navigate your life, your job, your relationships, your finances, your health, and your emotions during IVF. 
  • You are tired of the waiting and the lack of control over your life. 
  • You feel burnt out by IVF and can't imagine doing it again.

It's also for you if…

  • You are the strong one who is mostly keeping up appearances and making everything look good on the outside, despite desperately wanting to have more time, more support, & more success with IVF so are often crying alone behind closed doors and feel like you’re held together with tape.

  • You’re afraid to ask for help and also don’t even know what to ask for.

  • You barely recognize yourself with all the over thinking, self doubting and worrying you’re doing these days and don’t know where to start to get back to your old self 

It’s even for you if…

  • You are doing ok, but want to continue to do ok. You know that despite already accomplishing so much in life, this is hard, and working harder (ahem googling the answer) won’t necessarily equal success. 

Listen, I know you’ve tried some things on your own already.

With varying degrees of success and yet, here you are.

So you might be discouraged and stuck.

I see you. I was you. I get it.

And I know how to get you out. No more bandaids that only temporarily make you feel better.

Here’s what you need to know:

You don’t need to search on google. 

You don't need to do more shopping.

You don't need to plan another trip.

You don't need to join another support group.

You know those don't work long term.

To be more than your infertility you’ll need to create healthy habits that are proven to fill up your cup.

You need to not worry or trade woe is me stories and instead plan for the rollercoaster that comes with every IVF journey. And you need to work on building up your belief among women who are in similar positions but are being led by someone who's already on the other side.

Through the More Than My Infertility Program you’ll be able to do all that and more with my help.

Are you coming?

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You’ve been through so much already. So much heartache. So much waiting. So much uncertainty. So much struggle. So much strain.
I can help you.
This program can help you.
Because when you prevent or heal from burnout, you are prepared for the inevitable rollercoaster of IVF, and you build up your hope you can show up to the life you’ve worked so hard for.


You can be the daughter, spouse, coworker, friend you’ve been in the past.
You can handle the nosy questions, you can bounce back from the bumps in the road faster and you can keep trying.
You can feel better and eliminate regrets while on your journey to baby.
It’s possible for you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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"Hubby said he is so happy I did this and totally notices a difference and appreciates the work it has taken to get here."
- Lisa


"It's a win just to have someone else in your corner cheering for you on little things that may not be a big deal to most of your friends because they don't know what you've been through."

- Tonie

“I would tell anyone who's on the fence about coaching that investing money on yourself to work with Kristin is one of the better things that you can do during infertility."

- Kathleen

The investment for lifetime access: $2,000


Investing requires time and $$$, but what is the cost of not starting today?

"Kristin's coaching program allowed me to take control over this heavy process and know I can get through it. I was able to get through my next transfer with less anxiety and more hope, which I never thought I'd have."
- Kristi


“Kristin helped me through what was hands down the most difficult 6 months of my life."

- Kathleen

“Coaching with Kristin got me out of my lowest place ever. Kristin has given (and continues) to give me the tools to take control of my experience with IVF. Her practical exercises and tips have helped me to manage the ambiguity and fear that naturally come as a part of the IVF process. I feel hopeful, strong and able to cope with whatever comes my way - within IVF or outside of it."

- Catherine