The Two Week Wait Challenge program is all about bringing daily inspiration, and the infinite value of experiencing 6 TWWs myself, to the most difficult 14 days following the embryo transfer. The energy, excitement, hope and belief are HIGH on transfer day and a few days after.

But within a few days, doubt starts to creep in, and it's a long way to your beta.

The TWW Challenge provides daily inspiration, hope and encouragement as well as activities to keep the energy and the faith high, to keep the mindset positive and to keep you busy while you pass the time.

What you'll get:
  • Daily words of encouragement and support
  • Suggested activity each day to help the time pass
  • Inspirational images and quotes

...and so much more.

I know what this wait feels like, and it's much better when you're not alone.

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Hey, I'm Kristin

And I help women going through IVF live and love their life.

I created this freebie because going through IVF is exhausting and draining, and it helps to keep yourself occupied during times of high anticipation (like the days between your transfer and beta test).

I believe that while we cannot control how IVF goes, we can control our attitude about it. Sometimes, we just need reminders, shifts in perspective, or even suggested distractions. You’ll get all that and more for two weeks by participating in the Two Week Wait Challenge.

"I’m still repeating the mantra and carrying a few of the other activities forward with me into my pregnancy. They are great for mindfulness and positive outlook!"
"I felt a sense of relief that at least for a little while your activity would keep my mind occupied and positive. Such a blessing!" 
"Knowing that I'm not alone and someone is rooting for me and checking in on me is the best!"

Ready to take the challenge?