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With Kristin Dillensnyder
is all about the support, the validation and the resources you need to not be consumed by your infertility while on your journey to motherhood. This is the resource you'll lean on for the ups and downs, the joys and challenges, the waiting, waiting, more waiting and everything in between on your infertility journey to baby.
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Behind The Mic

Hey, I’m Kristin

an IVF mom, IVF coach, and infertility advocate and I have learned the hard way that trying to conceive (TTC) and doing multiple rounds of IVF can consume your life. I plan to share what I wish I knew through all the steps of infertility and IVF. 

Always described as the most optimistic person in the room, but lost that part of me while trying to conceive.

Maybe it's happened to you too?

Stopped being the friend & sister you used to be?

Stopped being happy and hopeful?

Stopped making plans and adding to your life?

Stopped enjoying the life that looks good on paper, but feeling unfulfilled? 

If yes, then you too might be consumed by your infertility.

On More Than Your Infertility‚ĄĘ, we dig deep & explore effective coping strategies for managing the emotional toll of infertility, finding peace and strength during IVF, and harnessing the power of your emotional support system, even when faced with setbacks.

My goal is to leave you feeling seen, your feelings validated and more importantly, feeling equipped with actionable steps to enhance your emotional well-being, making each week a bit brighter while you wait for your miracle.

So grab your earbuds and listen on your favorite podcast platform today!