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Infertility Awareness TV Interview

featured ivf Mar 15, 2022

International Women’s Day is on March 8 and this year I was invited to go on Soda City Live, the lifestyle TV show by the Columbia, SC NBC station, WISTV. The anchor, Hannah Cumler wanted to talk about infertility as it is an issue that impacts women.

What an honor, right? When my infertility journey started in 2015, very few people were publicly talking about infertility and IVF. It’s been so amazing to see that more and more people are sharing their stories, their voices, their experiences, and also including their struggle. 

As a woman who did three rounds of IVF (with three different outcomes), as a mother because of IVF, and as a life coach that specializes in helping women going through IVF there is a lot to say about the topic. I feel like we only scratched the surface of what going through infertility is like, but am so happy that the conversation has started on this level!

Having 8 minutes to do so on live TV was an adventure, a personal bucket list experience, and proof that conversations about infertility are happening more and more. My hope is this is just the beginning! I believe every time someone hears about infertility, whether it’s the statistics of how common it is, or how it impacts the life of the people going through it, or support options out there, it makes the world a little kinder to fellow infertility sisters and IVF warriors.

To watch the interview, click here: 


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