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After 3 years of heartbreak, I felt defeated. It was like I would never hear good news. But since coaching with Kristin I've felt hopeful. I'm now able to see the positives in my life that I was previously overlooking. 

- Diana D.

Just being around Kristin and her energy and talking to her, I knew would fill up my cup so that I could see that optimistic glass-half-full view on life again. It's such a win to have someone in your corner, cheering for you on the things that may not be a big deal to your friends because they don't know what you've been through. 

- Tonie B.

Prior to coaching, I blamed myself for the miscarriages. I was so involved in the thoughts of guilt and shame that I was ignoring my friends and loved ones. After working with Kristin, I stopped blaming myself. Getting rid of that guilt has made me a happier person. It made me believe more in this baby.

- Brandi B. 

When I started IVF, I felt like I was in Azkaban (the horrific prison in the Harry Potter movies where criminals souls and joy are sucked away). I had never been in such a low place in my entire life.

Coaching with Kristin sprung me out of IVF Azkaban. Kristin has given (and continues) to give me the tools to take control of my experience with IVF. Her practical exercises and tips have helped me to manage the ambiguity and fear that naturally come as a part of the IVF process. I feel hopeful, strong and able to cope with whatever comes my way - in IVF AND outside of it.

- Catherine C.

Even my husband has said how happy he is that I did coaching with Kristin! He totally notices a difference in me and appreciates all the work it has taken to get here. 

- Sarah S.

Kristin gave me such hope in a really trying time as I navigated secondary infertility. She taught me how to release the hold that my infertility had on me. My husband and I are newly expecting and my belief is stronger than ever thanks to her guidance and coaching.

- Anonymous

Because of coaching with Kristin I am back to myself. Now, I am being me WHILE going through IVF. It's not one or the other. 

- Sarah H.

Prior to coaching, I had already had one unsuccessful transfer. My spirits were low and my soul was heavy, but I knew I was in this process for the long run in order to get my baby. I could only see the negative side of things and my thoughts were haunting me

Coaching helped me find me again by teaching me to look at the day in front of me and tackle those experiences vs. looking a day, week or month out. Through affirmations, journaling, and open communication with my husband, I was able to see the positive side of things again. I was able to get through my next transfer with less anxiety and more hope.

I have carried a lot of what I learned in coaching into motherhood. 

- Kristi K.